Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it smart to let my billing go out to a medical billing company?
  • How does RevPro Healthcare Solutions reduce my administration headaches and how can I benefit from your services?
  • What fees are involved for your services?
  • Will I need to purchase any computer equipment or software programs to utilize your services?
  • Does RevPro Healthcare Solutions code?
  • Do you only work with offices that have a certain type of EMR/EHR?
  • How do we get the information necessary for billing to you?
  • When should we send our billing information to you?
  • How often will patients be billed?
  • How do you handle non-payment from an insurance company?
  • How do you handle non-payment from the patient?
  • How soon can you take my medical practice on as a client?
Industry experts agree, it’s not only smart, it’s good business to concentrate on your core competencies, like providing quality medical care - and outsource other functions, like medical billing.
By taking on the burden of your billing which gives you more time to properly run your practice! Not only does our medical billing experts take the heavy burden of insurance claim submission, coding and patient billing and replace it with improved cash flow and more time for patient care; but you will no longer have to worry and watch over your in-house billing staff. We are responsible for hiring, training and supervision. You don’t have to provide office space for a medical billing department. We even help your front desk staff "capture" the demographic information properly to assist in the billing process!
In most cases we charge a percentage of money collected as a result of our billing and collection efforts. We will also charge a one-time initial setup fee to cover the cost of setting up a provider in our computer system as well as with the appropriate. Fees are dependent on the services we provide for each individual doctor or group.
No, our services are designed to accommodate your practice management needs in a non-evasive manner. We want your experience to be as "cost free" and educational as possible.
Yes. Our experienced team can code from notes or dictation. RevPro Healthcare Solutions provides documentation feedback to providers whenever necessary to ensure that all reimbursement is coded to the most appropriate level.
With one of the most experienced IT teams in medical billing, we have the ability to make virtually any EMR/EHR program flow into our software for seamless integration that improves efficiency and cuts down days in accounts receivable.
Secure e-mail, fax or FedEx is the preferred method of submission.
As often as you like. We recommend daily, weekly, or twice a month.
Patients will receive monthly statements of their.
If a denial of payment is not valid, we will send an appeal to the insurance company for the amount we should be paid. If a denial of payment is valid, we will bill the account to the patient or recommend it be written off.
If we have sent out 3 monthly statements with no response from the patient, we will recommend the account be sent to a collection agency.
We can start immediately after we receive information from your staff. The data set up will only take a few days and we can process your bills right away. Processing your claims electronically, however, may take up to six weeks. You will have to complete registration forms and receive your electronic provider numbers, but while we wait for the insurance companies, we will process your claims by paper.

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