Safe Data Disposal. By Noah Dermer

We are motivated to properly dispose of certain items because we want to do our part to protect the environment and don't want to risk doing harm to ourselves and others. What we don't always realize is that similar motivations should influence how we dispose of data.

You're Ready for MACRA and MIPS: Is Your Billing Agreement? By Robert Burleigh

Billing agreements between billing companies and their clients have evolved considerably over the past 25 years. The most significant changes came along in 1998, when compliance became a major factor. More recently, HIPAA and the advent of electronic medical records and various incentive payment programs have affected how billing companies' contracts have required new content to address client and company responsibilities.

Transforming the Patient Experience: By Jeff Lin

A digital wallet allows a consumer to store payment information electronically. Most consumers already use this kind of payment functionality on any number of e-commerce sites they frequent, but they might not realize they are managing a digital wallet. More than half of consumers pay for items online using a digital wallet.